Powder coating is a method of providing a paint coating over a variety of metals, ie aluminium or steel. In comparison to other methods such as liquid or spray, powder coating does not require binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The powder coating method involves the application of an electric charge to both the object and the powder, which ensures a perfect coverage before heat curing. This ultimately provides an even and tough finish.

As with any aspect of finishing, the end result is only as good as the initial preparation, and Advanced Metal Treatments pride themselves on their standard of finish. A large part of our work is for local engineering companies powder coating commercial volumes, and it is a testament to the standard of our work that we were asked to provide powder coating for the Maclaren hospitality vehicle plus many more prestige projects (too numerous to mention).

Our broad experience and advanced range of technology makes us ideally placed to powder coat vast quantities or individual hobby projects.

Our pre-treatment consists of phosphating, etch priming and degreasing. We stock an extensive range of powders. Our oven dimensions are 3.7m x 2.8m.